Kiddo Care Package

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Let us curate a little care package for your favorite tiny human on your life.

  1. Select your desired amount for your care package
  2. Check out. Make sure that you enter YOUR information first.
  3. Then hit the "ship to different address" and enter where you are sending the care package.
  4. After payment is complete. You will see a box to your left that says "comment".
  5. Type your message or your recipient.
  6. You are welcome to add any additional notes in the message box as well such as "loves cars", "wears size 4-5 T", "She is 3 years old and loves the color green, hates dresses, loves dolls etc." or if you would like to include the gender we will tailor the gift further, otherwise we will keep the gift gender neutral. Anything that you think would help us curate an even better gift. Otherwise trust us... well make it perfect ;)
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