Enneagram Overview Panel August 22nd

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Join us Thursday August 22nd at 6:45 at Birdseye Rule to learn all about the Enneagram.

The Enneagram has been an amazing tool that we as a staff at Birdseye Rule have come to love learning about and have found useful in becoming whole individuals. We truly believe that we can only feel good in our own skin when we are whole within. 

The overview that will be happening on August 22nd will be a panel of one individual from each number that will give a quick overview and insight into that number. We invite you to come and listen and learn weather your have heard a little something or nothing at all.

Each Thursday,  from August 22nd on, we will be hosting a forum that will be a panel of each individual number. Interior Rising believes that learning from the individuals of that number is the most efficient and correct way of hearing the heart and motivation behind what we do as humans. 

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