Birthday Care Package

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Give the perfect birthday care package to let someone know you are thinking of them. Each Birthday Care package will come with confetti, balloon, and crown ready for them to have a celebration from a box!

  1. Select your desired amount for your care package
  2. Check out. Make sure that you enter YOUR information first.
  3. Then hit the "ship to different address" and enter where you are sending the care package.
  4. After payment is complete. Scroll the bottom of our site. Click "Customer Support" and fill in the text boxes, and use the "message" box to write your care package recipient a message and we will include in your care package.
  5. In the subject line put in your recipients name.
  6. You are welcome to add any additional notes in the message box as well such as "loves dogs", "is a redhead" or any details that you think would help us make our curation even tighter for your recipient. You can even include an item name like "redhead sweatshirt" that you saw on our website and we will include that item and curate around it.  If you would like to include the gender we will tailor the gift further, otherwise we will keep the gift gender neutral. Anything that you think would help us curate an even better gift. Otherwise trust us... well make it perfect ;)
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