Birdseye Rule Gift Card

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Want to give the perfect gift? A gift card is an easy way to do it.

  1. Select the value (if you don’t see your desired amount feel free to email us at [email protected] and we can always create the correct desired amount)
  2. At checkout enter in the shipping address where you would like the gift card to be mailed to and we will make sure it’s wrapped and ready to be the best surprise. We will ship any gift card at any amount for free. 
  3. If you have multiple people you are buying cards for do each as a separate transaction. There will not be any tax or shipping fees, and we can make sure they are all mailed to the correct recipient. 


*Note at this time we are only able to use  gift cards in store, our POS system is currently working hard to make this not the case in the future. 

HOWEVER we have created a temporary work around especially during the pandemic virus. 

  1. Shop as normal on our website selecting and adding all things to your cart that you desire. 
  2. Begin to checkout as normal. Your items at this point get held on our inventory so no need to worry about that item being gone, unless you cancel or delete your cart. Add all your correct contact information and stop when you get to payment.
  3. Send is an email to [email protected] saying your would like to redeem the gift card you received and include either a picture of the card with the bar code, or just the number itself. From there our Birdseye Rule team can process your order. And get it shipped out to you. 
  4. You are always welcome to call the shop at 773-904-8038 for any assistance or email is at [email protected] . We are so grateful for everyone working with us and being patient as we try and get this up and running. We truly value each of you. 
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